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Sunday, June 21, 2009

SHitt !!! My lovely school got people Kena H1N1

OMG~~~~The victims is From 4 students

So , tomorrow = = I so confused~~~

My KH Project need to done as fast as i can

I was scary about that !!

I dowan be the next victims !!!

Anyway !!! I must be careful !!

Maybe tomorrow i won't go school ~~

or won't go school anymore until they disinfected the bacteria

haha !! lazy human<<<<

Today , is father's day ~~

I was go Kepong eat Breakfast with my family

After that , i go 'Hospital Selayang'

B'coz my grandfather was sick , so need to stay at Hospital

Maybe 1 or 2 week

Time are running , My heart are nervous

I need to apprehension too many thing

About my study , school , lover , personaliti

Haizzzz , I hate that i was a teenager

I wanna becomes Adults ~~~

I almost become crazy = =

Why human will get the pressure??

I was jealous Some people ~

She have every thing she wanted , She can go anywhere she wanna

Me???Just stuck at this stupid house

and saw some stupid human

Remember wash your hand and Mouthwash after reach home

Now the world are Attention of human health