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Thursday, June 25, 2009

COntinue part one~~

Just now i was saying i hang out v Lai

That girl , Name Sk ??? What the stupid name~~

She tot she selling SK II? or SK III?

Ha~~Whatever , She make me waste so many time

you know i need to rest ?? yesterday i only slp 6 hour

It is not enough for me !!!!

And i'm a teenager ,

teenager need enough energy for receive the challenge in every day

And you say to me , you're Designers ,

You didn't have any place look's designer

Are you cheating me ?? or you really is designer ??

I no interesting hear about your job = =

Don't mention to me again how your life style

and how rich your man have

I'm so bored when i hear it~~~

You borrow Lai money , RM300 !!!

For what ?? you say your man have many money

One day also have RM200

One month 6 thousand ++

WOw!~~ is that true ? He only 17 years old ??

Or that guy are cheating you ?? or you cheating us ??

He study at 'Chong Hwa Private secondary schools'

Huh ??? From 5 student ??

and you 19 years old , you old than he 2 years ??

Sister and Brother love ?? Too many lies to me~~~

For now , i won't let anyones bully Lai

B'coz he is my 'BROTHER' ~~~

Silly women get away from he and my DAr Dar too

too many imbecile women likes to stick with my Dar Dar

Maybe he too fascination~ haha~~~Muakzzzzz