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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I was being here for you

Hmmm , finally i roll out with my Dar Dar

But only few hour~B'coz he wanna find him friend's 'Yam Cha'

Monday until Saturday he need to work at Puchong

So we only can meet on sunday

About ten o'clock , he come my house fetch me

after than , we go ate breakfast with him dad and mom = =

I most hate it~~

But it's ok , i respect them , b'coz they are elders than me

But i think it won't have next time !!!!

about four o'clock , he send me back with the stupid car's

Today is sunday , of''coz i won't just stay at home until night

So , i go out again with my second sister and Lai

This time we go Section 1 caffe ~ugh

They food not really so delicious , for me ,

I think Feeling Caffe more tasty ~~

So , we go Feeling Caffe and enjoy our Dinner again

But some humiliation thing have happen to us

OMG~~~ IN the halfway , we have-ing Accident

The car wheel's have flat ~~~

SHITTTTT , my sister and me have become crazy

So , Lai call some people to change the wheel

Why it will happen to us ???

At the moment , i wan to death liao~~~

WOw~~ all people are watching us T.T

I hope the time will run more faster or

I wan find some 'lubang' for hide~~~

About 20 min , i can put down the stone are on my Heart

The repair car's money total is RM 65 , quiet cheap~~~

B'coz only change the new wheel~~

Arhhh , finally we are reach Felling Caffe

Now only we can sit with calm

We back at nine o'clock , b'coz tomorrow need study

Hope our school have eradication the Virus

Anyway , H1N1 are dangerous~~

and weather now also no health then before

So , drink much and much water to keep your health~