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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have done my Sejarah Project in 1 day

Hahah~~But actually is copy someones Project's

My schoolmate tell me on Msn

Our school have 2 victims aready

Sound bad~~~

One is From4 students , another is From3 student

Omg , that From3 student is near by our class

I feel pleased b'coz this few day i didn't go school

If not , i think now i will lying in a hospital

Or be the next victims = =

And My classmate won't go shcool anymore until next week

It was Too dangerous for us~~

Anyway , if you fell uncomfortable of sick

Hurry go Clinic for resolve

Dont't harm another person who are near by you

Donno why , this few day i always thinking of someone

This honor person is My dar dar

I been for so long didn't saw him

I think maybe got 2week or more than 2week

I very miss he , Now he was working at Puchong

I always have a impulse to go Puchong find him

Sometime , i was jealous some couple

they always can saw and hug each other

But me?? i can't ~~~

We can't meet every day , can't saw every day

and can't SMS every day

He very buzy and so tired in every day

But i will forgive he , b'coz i know he're very hard working

For our future~~~

Ermm , i think is time to stop writing

I need to control my mind and yearn...