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Monday, July 13, 2009

In the afternoon, i woke up as usual
I feel sleepy
But i got something to do after that
So i need to woke up with
Not Willingly

I going my Bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth with the blurred vision
After than,i feel more powerfull to meet mine day
So,what i gotta do after this??

Visit someones who are lying at the hospital --- My grandfather
he get The Final Phase Of Cancer
Maybe he only can live for few day...

But I Tell Myself,There will be miracles happens to my grandfather

And today,i didn't go for school....

The lazy worm have befall to me,
Hmm,let we stop this topic...

About HE , HE got the power to make me staunch
he know the bad news about my grandfather...

He doesn't know how to consolation me...
But i have forgive him,b'coz i know he are unable to coax ppl

I only can pray the god for save my grandfather
That's the only thing i can do for he...